My Books

Well, there’s just one, actually. For now. But it’s due to be released in February, so you’ll want to plan ahead for that exciting event. (Well, exciting to me, at any rate.) But I’m confident that the reading public will rush to spread the excitement. (Well, not confident maybe, but optimistic. Very optimistic.)

What’s the title?

          Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter’s Caregiving Journal

What’s it about?

Aging          Father/daughter relationships          Caregiving          Blended families
The power of prayer                  Having a stepmother who is a best friend

Tell me more:

Caring for aging loved ones is both a challenge and a blessing. In this engaging inspirational memoir, author Sue Anne W. Kirkham explores with candor and humor the emotional, practical, and spiritual facets of the adult child’s experience when roles are reversed.

Her father, Bill, a retired psychologist, and stepmother, Zelda, enjoyed productive hobbies and eagerly traveling the globe together for most of their thirty-two-year marriage. Now, Zelda—a former teacher and organizer of Fourth of July kitchen-band marches—is fading into the confusion of dementia, and Bill is declining physically. They need help.

Through content rich in character studies, charming observations, and useful insights, you’ll get to know this blended family intimately, and you’ll want to follow them through every dramatic turn of events.



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