Musings of a Midwestern Foodie

“Healthfuel” is a term I coined a number of years ago when I first started to play with the tailoring of recipes to be more nutritionally dense, with fewer empty calories.  What follows are menus and recipes – which in most cases are based on the Mediterranean diet guidelines of good fats, nuts, beans; vegetables in abundance; fresh fruit; whole grains and high fiber rices and pastas; and lean meats.

You will find here an occasional suggestion for a decadent dessert, because into every balanced life a little butter and sugar must flow.  Also, because once you’ve achieved a healthy weight and established a consistent exercise program, I am an enthusiastic advocate of having dessert once a week.  You appreciate this indulgence much more when it’s an occasional rather than a daily one, and knowing you have it to look forward to each week (my “splurge day” happens to be Sunday, the same day that I rest from a rigorous exercise routine), you have no reason to feel deprived at your daily meals.  But I can tell you from long-term experience that following the Mediterranean principles is anything but a set-up for feeling deprived.

So dig in.  The eating is great and the results are rewarding.  And let me know if you have any constructive feedback.

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