Personal Growth 101:  Advice for Life from Those Who Have Lived It

An interactive blog dispensing the shared wisdom of those who have raised – or observed the raising of – children to adulthood.

The above grandiose theme was originally meant to describe the modus operandi for this section of the web site.  Back in 2006 I began to ask others who are parents, grandparents, godparents,
or aunts and uncles of adult children to share bits of the wisdom they had picked up in the course of living their lives. “If you could pass along any advice to the next generations, what would that
be?” was how I phrased my query.  “Any and all aspects of spending one’s time on earth in a meaningful way are fair topics for this exercise.”

Flash forward a few months and I was downright astounded at how few people were willing – much less eager – to accept my invitation.  Didn’t everyone sit around mulling over all the life lessons they yearned to share with upcoming flocks of innocents?  Apparently not.  As a result, you will find that most recent posts consist of my essays on the topic of Intentional, God-Pleasing Living.    All readers are still warmly encouraged to share here, but I am past waiting for the floodgates to open and will now do my best to individually address issues of substance in a helpful way.

And please do let me know if you might have any advice for me.  I may not be an innocent, but I am still learning.

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