New Year’s Resolve: Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships

January 13, 2010 at 5:27 pm Leave a comment

    Don’t believe the lie that a healthful diet and learning to love physical activity are the prescription for a life of drudgery.  Eating wisely and appreciating what your body is capable of are infinitely more satisfying than perpetual indulgence:  feeling your body become a finely-tuned, well-fueled machine cannot be paralleled in the category of satisfying accomplishments, and your emotional health and mental  acuity will also benefit.  (54) 

            Work at keeping balance in your life.  Take time for cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development, and don’t forget time to learn how to appreciate solitude – which sometimes means turning off the cell phone!  (22) 

            If you have a job that requires you to judge others – such as a management position – be careful not to let that attitude leak over into you personal relationships with spouse, children, and friends.  Judging tends to wither relationships.  (35) 

            If you catch yourself thinking that your spouse is being difficult, remember that you’re probably a challenge to live with, too!  It’s one of life’s hard facts that there can be things you hate about someone you love.  Focus on the parts you love.  (54)

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