Bears vs Bulls in the Year of the Tiger

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    Be responsible for yourself.  Don’t fall into the trap of blaming others for your problems, shortcomings, or failures in life.  Make planning ahead a part of this mindset, and try to anticipate possible future problems so you aren’t dependent on someone else if you hit a rough spot.  I have a neighbor who works in an industry that is plagued with layoffs, but he is serene in the knowledge that he has been saving for 20 years for this possible stretch of rainy days.  (51)            

            Live within your means.  New cars and other expensive non-essentials may be tempting – until you have to live with the payments and stress that they create.  Choose simplicity over extravagance.  It can be very freeing!  (11) 

            Save, save, save.  Do not depend on the government or others to take care of you.  (15) 

            Take the time to find an occupation you love.  Working just for money is not the path to happiness.  (35)

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