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Attitude and Perspective – III

Sunset   Maintain enthusiasm for life by holding high moral values, being true to your religious faith, and focusing on all the advantages you have enjoyed:  be thankful to God that you were born in America, and for the many friendships you enjoy.  (13) 

Respect the right of others to have differing viewpoints.  Teamwork is an integral part of many aspects of life, and compromise and give and take are one way we learn from others.  (23) 

Approach life as an educational pilgrimage, and don’t waste time on things that aren’t edifying or enhancing.  (53)

Worry about pleasing God, not man.  The bonus will be that the worthy among your peers will respond well to your efforts, which will help you sift out those you don’t want to hang around with!  (53) 

Always keep your sense of humor.  As it turns out, laughter is the best remedy for many of the trying circumstances you’ll encounter; a habit of  looking at the lighter side of life will help get you through those tough times.    (23)


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Whole Wheat Pasta: It’s Come a Long Way, Baby

   fresh peaches 001   I’ll indulge just briefly in a short whine about once again leap-frogging from summer into winter, with only a four-day stretch of fall between “85 and humid” and “blustery wintry winds.”  That done, I am grateful that – sandwiched between ultra-chilly mornings and frigid nights – we did enjoy a few glorious chunks of glistening autumn at its colorful and sun-drenched best.

Perhaps it’s that same unfortunate tendency to dramatize the negative that brings to mind images of gummy blobs, almost unrecognizable as comestibles, when I think back to my first encounters with whole wheat pasta years ago.   (Which further reminds me of Felix Unger describing his first day as Oscar Madison’s roommate in The Odd Couple television series:  “When I got here, you were huddled in the corner eating gray spaghetti with a pair of tweezers.”  But I digress.) 

However tainted my recollections of the early days of whole grain pasta may be, the significant point is that the current crop of products in that line are so vastly improved that I now prefer them over the semolina varieties in most cases.  And with the chill in the air leading to robust appetites, we have the perfect context for simmering stews, satisfying soups, crumb-crusted casseroles, and piles of pasta.  My appetite led me toward a simple concoction with a complicated name, and a re-purposing of a few old classics, Jambalaya and Paella, as Shrimp and Ham Jambalaella Pasta.  Trust me; it works. 

Add a basic Tossed Salad, a few slabs of Crusty Whole Grain Ciabatta Bread if you’re so inclined, and a plate of Stuffed Grilled Peaches.  Follow the instructions below, and I can virtually promise you a positive spin to your day.  (more…)

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