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Thanksgiving in July

Peaches and Apricots 005  We had such incredibly perfect weather most of last week – clear, sunny; upper 70s with a nice breeze.  I decided to leap through this window of opportunity and get that oven blazing.  I was also salivating over the thought of sinking my teeth into a turkey breast I had bought on sale but kept in the freezer for, well, a window of opportunity to open up!

So off we were, headed for a meal worthy of that esteemed November holiday, with a few tweaks to the details.  To the main attraction of Roasted Turkey Breast I added Brown Rice with Craisins (dried cranberries), Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinaigrette Glaze, and Sweet Potato Mini Biscuits.  For dessert, a big bowl of Sliced Peaches with a dusting of nutmeg adds a seasonal touch to this out-of-season menu.  (more…)

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